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Powder BROFOM NEW for pigs, poultry, rabbits, calves, lambs 10-1000g

BROFOM NEW Powder Oxytetracycline+Colistin+Trimethoprim
Arthritis, dysentery, colibacillosis, mycoplasmosis, pasteurellosis, pneumonia, rhinitis, salmonellosis, enteritis
A complex antimicrobial drug with a broad spectrum of action. Oxytetracycline is a bacteriostatic antibiotic that acts against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, protozoa, mycoplasmas, rickettsiae, and chlamydia. Colistin - an antibiotic from the group of polymyxins, acts on gram-negative microorganisms. Trimethoprim acts against gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria.