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Chewable Tablets for Dogs – 30tab

Boehringer Ingelheim Previcox for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs, 227 mg
Previcox is a highly selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for dogs with the unique active ingredient firocoxib in tablet form. The most selective inhibitor of COX-2, which provides excellent results. Safe for long-term use. Fast-acting, within 15 minutes after the first dose. Powerful pain relief 24 hours a day without "failure" in pain relief. A steady increase in the degree of improvement of parameters during long-term treatment. Leads to an improvement noticeable to dog owners. A higher level of improvement compared with NSAIDs with a predominant anti-inflammatory effect. Provides global control of osteoarthritis with the maximum degree of satisfaction of veterinarians and dog owners.