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Solution 5% for Cattle,Goats, Pig (250ml / 8.45oz)

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Baycox 5% (Piglet) Solution ORAL (toltrazuril)
Toltrazuril, which is part of the drug, has a wide spectrum of anti-coccidal action, is effective against Isospora suis, Eimeria arloingi, Eimeria scabra, Eimeria guevarai, Eimeria bovis, Eimeria zuernii, Eimeria alabamensis and other types of coccidia that parasitize pigs and cattle at the stages of their intracellular development. By blocking respiratory enzymes, toltrazuril has a damaging effect on the mitochondria and the processes of nuclear division of coccidia, disrupting the formation of macrogammetocytes. After oral administration of Baicox, 5% toltrazuril is slowly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and has a coccidivating effect on the mucous membrane and submucosal layer. It is partially metabolized in the body by sulfoxidation and hydroxylation to form sulfide and sulfone derivatives. Toltrazuril is excreted from the body mainly in unchanged form (70%), but also as metabolites in the feces and partially in the urine.

CATOSAL 10% Vitamin B12 Genuine

CATOSAL 10%  VITAMIN B12 butaphosphan+cyanocobalamin
Cathode is a complex drug used in the treatment and prevention of diseases in animals. The drug can be used both for domestic animals and for cattle and other farm animals. Having as a basis vitamin 12, catosal has a tonic effect, a positive effect on metabolism, increases immunity and resistance to diseases. In agriculture, it is used to accelerate the growth and development of the animal.  

Wormer oral suspension for dogs 7,5 ml.

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Bayer Procox is prescribed to puppies and adult dogs for the treatment and prevention of eimeriosis and worm infestation
Treatment and prevention of dogs infected with mixed infestations caused by roundworms (mature and immature adults, larvae of Toxocara canis, mature adults Uncinaria stenocephala, mature adults Ancylostoma caninum) and Amery (Isospora ohiosporais complex, Isospora ohioenspora complex).

Solution for chickens, broiler chickens… 10% (1000ml/33.8 fl. oz)

Baytril 10% Bayer ORAL Solution (Enrofloxacin)
Baytril, which is a derivative of quinolone carboxylic acid, is an anti-infective chemotherapeutic medicine with specially high bactericidial effect. Enrofloxacin, inhibits the bacterial gyrase enzyme which has an improtant role in DNA replication. The inhibition of this enzyme, blocks certain stages of bacterial synthesis, causing functional disorders leading to death of the bacteria. This gives Baytril a different mode of action in comparison with other antibiotics. Enrofloxacin has a broad-spectrum anti-bacterial efficacy, including Mycoplasmas, gram negative and gram positive bacteria as well as anaerobic patogenic bacteria.

Dewormer for Dogs by Puppies (6 Tablets) Bayer

Drontal for Dogs Bayer Meat Flavour
As a combined roundworm and tapeworm treatment  Our dogs can pick up parasites in all kinds of places, and you might not even know they’ve got intestinal worms. Effective against roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm, and whipworm, Drontal Dog Tasty Bone tablets contain three active ingredients that work together to kill intestinal parasites. Drontal Tasty, formulated for improved palatability, is easy to administer in a single meat-flavored tablet that can be given with or without food – and works fast to combat worms in your dog.

Solution for Cattle, Dog, Cat, Pig 5% (100ml/3.38 fl. oz)

Baytril 5% Bayer (Enrofloxacin) inj* Solution
  • Fast acting antibiotic reaches therapeutic levels in lungs at the site of infection in 1 to 2 hours.
  • Injects easily even in cold weather when other products thicken.
  • Produces no significant injection site reactions.
  • Baytril is bactericidal meaning it kills major BRD causing bacteria. It can be given as a single dose or a multiple day therapy, making it more versatile to your operation.

Seresto / Foresto Flea Collars (for Large Dogs)

Seresto / Foresto Flea Collars Bayer
Seresto/Foresto® is an innovative flea and tick collar which protects pets from fleas and ticks for up to 8 months - without the need to remember monthly applications. Seresto/Foresto® has been rigorously tested to ensure that all the ingredients in the Seresto/Foresto® formulation are safe not only for your pet but also safe for yourself, safe for your family and the environment.  

Solution for Chicken,Duck,Turkey,Birds 2.5%

Baycox 2.5% Solution ORAL (toltrazuril)
Toltrazuril 2.5% has a pronounced anticoccidial effect. The active component is effective against the simplest microorganisms,all kinds of coccidia,which parasitize in the bodyof Chickens, Geese, Turkeys, Chicken Broilers, Other poultry, Rabbits. Toltrazuril, slowly absorbing into the mucous membranes of chickens,other poultry species destroy bacteria at all stages of their development,including strains that are insensitive to the action of other anti-coccidia drugs. The active ingredient of the drug blocks the respiratory components of clostridium,disrupts the formation of macrohammetocytes,which leads to immediate death of parasitic flora. After oral administration, the drug has an immediate effect. Well tolerated by the body of chickens, chickens, turkeys, rabbits. Medicine Baikoks for birds does not reduce the natural resistance of the body,does not reduce the immunity of chickens, geese to the agents of coccidosis.

Dewormer for Dogs Plus XL (2 Tablets)

Drontal Bayer for Dogs Plus
Drontal wormers have always been the first choice of wormer recommended by your vet. This is because of its wide spectrum of activity. The unique combination of proven active ingredients in both of the Drontal Cat and Dog formulations enables it to tackle tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms in fact, every type of intestinal worm your pet could normally get. For a happy and healthy pet, Drontal recommends that adult dogs should be wormed at least every three months. Puppies should be wormed more frequently, ideally every two weeks up to three months of age and then every three months thereafter. Each Drontal bone measures just 24mm long and has a tasty beef flavor for your dog to enjoy.

Seresto / Foresto Collars for Small Dogs & Cats

Seresto / Foresto Flea Collars Bayer
Seresto/Foresto® is an innovative flea and tick collar which protects pets from fleas and ticks for up to 8 months - without the need to remember monthly applications. Seresto/Foresto® has been rigorously tested to ensure that all the ingredients in the Seresto/Foresto® formulation are safe not only for your pet but also safe for yourself, safe for your family and the environment.
Bayvarol Bayer

Varroa Mite Treatment honey bee mite treatment (40 strips)


Bayvarol Strips by Bayer

Dangerous parasites such as varroa mites can weaken bee colonies significantly causing honey production to plunge.  Bayer has developed Bayvarol, offering dual purpose protection against mite infestation.   First, a quick and easy test indicates the level of infection.  Then, treatment ensures that bees get effective protection against varroa mites without unnecessary impact on their natural honey production.
  • Easy diagnosis and effective control of Varroa mites.
  • The active ingredient is highly effective against mites but harmless to bees (one strip contains only 3.6mg of the active ingredient).
  • The bees themselves rapidly distribute the active ingredient by physical contact.
  • Convenient handling; single treatment is sufficient.
  • Long-lasting effect ensures that even the mites hatching from the sealed brood after the start of the treatment are destroyed.
  • Reinfesting mites are killed for the treatment duration of 8 weeks.

Vet pharmacy online

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