Today HomelabVet has begun providing its clients with the ability to make payments, including using Bitcoin.

We are ahead of all our rivals and competitors, and we are the first to offer you a completely new way of making transactions!

Try real security, anonymity, and almost no commission for your purchases!

Additionally, we offer a 20% discount on absolutely all types of goods that you will find on our website for those customers who decide to keep up with the times and make payments using Bitcoin.  This discount is completely transparent and without “hidden fees”, in other words – this additional 20% discount is summed up with any promotion that you see on the site.

How does it work:

You see on the web-site a product worth $ 10 and a promotion for the product or a personal coupon for a 20% discount.  Accordingly, applying your coupon or with the help of the promotion, the cost of the goods is not $ 10, but $ 8.  But by paying for this product using Bitcoin, it will become even cheaper by 20%, respectively, $ 8 – 20% = $ 6.4 (this is the price you will get by just paying with Bitcoin).

All other conditions, such as the return of goods and much more, remain the same.  That is, you get an additional 20% discount, while all the conditions for receiving the goods from you remain exactly the same as if you had paid using PayPal, bank card, or direct transfer.

Additional reasons to choose Bitcoin:

  • Ease of registering wallets and their use;
  • Complete confidentiality – a system without personal data;
  • Elimination of fraud on the part of the buyer and the seller (openness and irreversibility of transactions);
  • Low transaction fees;

Instructions for making a payment in Bitcoin:

We offer a guide with which you can easily and conveniently pay with bitcoins in the Homelabvet system:

  1. Having decided on the product that you want to purchase, you need to add it to the cart.  Next, you need to place an order in your personal account by choosing the Bitcoin payment method.
  2. After confirmation, your item will have a Pending Payment status.  Click on the “Pay for the order” button and you will be redirected to the page with the QR code.

Scan the received QR code and then pay through your Bitcoin wallet.

You can familiarize yourself with the BTC rate, as well as detailed instructions for beginners on how to create your own wallet, how to make purchases with Bitcoin, and much more on the website: