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Cat and woman

The unique tandem of cats and women has always attracted attention and generated many different theories about their relationship with each other. Although cats have always been distinguished by their independence and dissimilarity to other living beings, their similarities with women and their special relationship with them require a special discussion.

Pure Beauty

The main common feature that a woman and a cat have is the desire of both for beauty and conquest of the world. Such a tradition originated in the depths of centuries, and even in ancient times cats were always depicted next to the most beautiful women, and any beauty was automatically compared in her grace and grace to representatives of the cat family. And, of course, cats and women always got along very well. For example, in Turkey, statuettes were found dating back to the 6th millennium BC, which depict women playing with cats. And even then, each mistress of the house reserved for her pet the most privileged place in the house.

This is not surprising, because a woman and a cat have one more thing in common – independence, bordering on affection. It was the gentleness of a woman who always attracted a cat to her side, and thanks to this, the feline race was closely intertwined with the human one, and the cat began not only to decorate the house with itself, but also to protect it from various dangers. Soon, in almost every country, special rules and laws appeared that require respectful and reverent treatment of cats:

  • in Britain there was a code of laws determining the value of a cat and prescribing punishment for cruelty to it;
  • in America, a cat immediately became an object of exchange trade, as well as the patroness of many houses, which she saved from epidemics and other disasters;
  • in Paraguay, at the legislative level, it has been established that every cat is worth a pound of gold;
  • in Ancient Russia in the 14th century laws existed that penalized cat larceny and imposed huge fines on thieves.

And in each of the situations, the behavior of cats was not important: animals were considered sacred even when they showed their difficult character, and it was women who played a significant role in recognizing their sacred value.

Unattainable ideal

In addition, from time immemorial, women and cats have in common many common features – both appearance and character:

  • resourcefulness and intelligence inherent in both
  • quick reaction and agility,
  • excellent plastic
  • undeniable external beauty
  • some detachment.

Thanks to this, women gave their hearts to cats many centuries ago. And today this tradition continues, because it is in the graceful representatives of feline women that they see a real ideal, which is often unattainable for themselves.

A cat for women is a living embodiment of beauty, and the independent behavior of cats is an example to follow. This is not surprising, because:

  • cats do not have problems with being overweight,
  • cats do not need fur coats – their silky and delicate fur is admired by everyone;
  • cats do not need to fawn in front of people to be stroked – it only allows you to do this if she liked the person;
  • the cat is always beautiful, no matter what she does;
  • the cat does not need to take care of its kittens all its life and even think about who it is pregnant from;
  • the cat is patient and ready to faithfully listen to all the sorrows of its owners, without giving them any stupid advice,
  • the behavior of cats can be anything, but no one can be angry for a graceful and touching animal for a long time.
  • And, of course, there are some comic “differences” between women and cats, which men often like to talk about:
  • the cat is fluffy throughout the body, and not just on the head,
  • for beauty, the cat doesn’t need makeup,
  • the cat remains graceful in any situation,
  • the cat eats less
  • the cat can purr beautifully,
  • the cat is easy to keep on your lap
  • if her owner gets sick, the cat will just sleep next to him, without disturbing him,
  • the cat will never whimper and complain
  • the cat is always clean and takes care of itself,
  • the cat will not be offended by you if you are tired and you are not up to it,
  • a good word will always please a cat,
  • the cat doesn’t need new outfits,

Getting a cat in the house is always very easy!

However, even in spite of these small “differences”, it is the woman and the cat who always get along best with each other. And even if the owner of the animal is just the man, his pet can easily neglect it, and all attention will be paid to his chosen one!

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