3M Aura Disposable Respirator 9322+ FFP2

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3M Aura Respirator 9322+ FFP2

Limited quantity – only 5 pcs in one hand.

Size: 1 pcs

Protection Level: FFP2

  Respirator Style: 3M™ Advanced Electret filter material

  Antivirus Dust Proof 

 3M™ Cool Flow™

  Standards/Approvals: CE Approved, EN 149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR D

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3M Aura 9322+ Disposable Respirator.
  • High-Performance Filter Material: 3M™ Advanced Electret filter material helps wearers to breathe easily through the respirator for more comfortable protection
  • 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve: The Cool Flow valve reduces heat build-up inside the respirator – even in hot and humid conditions
  • Unique 3-panel design: Accommodates greater facial movement during speech
  • Sculpted nose panel improves compatibility with eyewear, whilst the embossed top panel reduces fogging
  • Innovative chin tab: For ease of fitting and adjustment of the respirator on the face
  • Colour-coded headbands offer easy protection level identification – colour coded blue: FFP2 (APF = 10)
  • A small pack of 5 respirators for convenience
  • Sculpted nose panel helps conform to the nose and contours of the face and helps to improve compatibility with 3M eyewear
  • 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve reduces heat and moisture build-up to offer workers comfortable protection – even in hot and humid conditions
  • Maximum usage level: Up to 12 x TLV

The 9300+ Series combines ground-breaking ideas, technologies, and materials in a convenient three-panel, flat-fold design. Suitable for a broad range of industrial applications, the innovative comfort features help to ensure that the respirator is worn consistently over long periods. Conveniently packaged in a box of 5 respirators.

Get FFP2 protection against dust and mists in a wide variety of industrial applications and other hazardous environments with 3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirator 9322+SP. Our 3-panel design allows for greater facial movement, while the sculpted, low-profile style of the embossed upper panel creates an effective seal, reduces eyewear fogging and improves eyewear compatibility. It features the 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve that helps reduce heat build-up in hot and humid conditions, and the low-resistance filter technology helps you breathe easily. The flat-fold design makes it convenient to store when not in use, and the innovative chin tab allows you to make simple adjustments. The braided, color-coded headbands help you identify the protection level offered: blue for FFP2 (NPF 12). This respirator is individually packed in hygienic wrapping to protect against contamination, and it’s designed to work well with 3M Eyewear and Hearing Protection products. Available in smaller pack sizes. For full product certification and specifications, click here: Respiratory Products Certificate Selector

Suggested Applications

  • Wide variety of industrial applications and other hazardous environments

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A These respirators should not be worn for more than 3 to 8 hours and one time only.
  2. A Typical weight of one respirator - 15 gramm

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