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Bipinamite combat varroatosis (varoosis) of bees

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Amitraz – Bipinamite, the transparent liquid without color or with a yellowish tint with a specific odor


The drug contains amitraz as an active ingredient (12.5%).

Pharmacological properties

Bipinamite has a systemic and contact acaricidal effect against ticks of the genus Varroa.

Bipinamite refers to compounds with moderate toxicity to warm-blooded animals (hazard class III).

The drug does not adversely affect the vital activity of bee colonies and in the recommended concentrations does not affect their general condition, development, and productivity.


The tool is used to combat varroatosis (varoosis) of bees.


The drug is used in the form of an aqueous emulsion.

A working emulsion is prepared by thoroughly mixing 1 ml of the drug with 2 l of pure drinking water.

The solution prepared in this way is used during the working day.

Bee families are treated in autumn with a minimum number of broods and during the formation of a club of bees at an outside temperature of at least 0 ° C.

The processing of bee colonies is carried out by small-drop watering of the drug emulsion on bees in the interframe space.

The rate of consumption of the working solution is 10 ml per one bee street.

Recommended 2-fold application: the first treatment immediately after the completion of honey collection and pumping out honey; the second – before staging families for wintering (with the presence of varroa ticks on adult bees).


Not installed.


Before mass processing the apiary, the drug must first be checked for safety for bees and therapeutic efficacy in 1-2 families, in 1-2 streets with subsequent 24-hour monitoring of their condition.

An overdose of the drug is dangerous for bees. Families with less than 4-5 small streets should not be treated.

Honey collected by processed families is used for food on a common basis.


A dry, cool, dark place at a temperature of 0 ° C to 30 ° C (list B).

Shelf life – 3 years from the date of manufacture.

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