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Calfo – 100 ml (mineral complex for inj)


Calfoset. Mineral complex for pigs, cows, horses, sheeps, cattles, goats (for injection).

Size: 100 ml

Active ingredient: calcium gluconate, calcium glycerophosphate, magnesium chloride hexahydrate


Quality KRKA

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Calfoset. Mineral complex for pigs, cows, horses, sheeps, cattles, goats (for injection).


Vitamins and minerals for the prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders, such as hypocalcemia, paresis and allergies.

This product is made as a generic drug. All the necessary preclinical and clinical studies were carried out in accordance with all the requirements for veterinary drugs.


100 ml of solution contains:

 calcium gluconate – 32.82 g;

calcium glycerophosphate – 8.13 g;

magnesium chloride hexahydrate – 4.18 g.


Calcenon is an effective drug for the treatment and prevention of metabolic disorders of minerals: calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, in such farm animals as horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.


horses weighing up to 500 kg – 80-100ml – intravenously;

cattle with body weight up to 500 kg (any age) – 80-215ml – intravenously/ intramuscularly/subcutaneously;

sheep, goats –15-25ml – intravenously/ intramuscularly/subcutaneously;

pigs – 15-25ml – intravenously/ intramuscularly;

piglets  –  2-3ml – intramuscularly, twice with 24 hour interval.

Calcenon is administered once. It is possible to re-use the drug after 24 hours in those same doses.

For cattle, do not subcutaneously inject more than 50 ml of the drug into the same place, intramuscularly – more than 25 ml. Sheep and goats intramuscularly in the same place do not inject more than 15 ml of the drug. Intravenously, the drug is administered slowly and evenly.


Indicated in agricultural animals for prevention and treatment of: tetany ( tetany during pregnancy and lactation periods, transit  tetany, grass sickness, etc); postparturient paresis and paresis caused by calcium  or phosphorus deficiency; calcium/phosporus/magnesium exchange disorders (rickets, osteopathy, halisteresis, pregnancy, etc); oxonemia; lead/fluorine/oxalic acid poisoning (as an adjuvant therapy in combination with other treatment); toxicosis, allergy, bleeding diathesis, hematuria, hemoglobulinuria.


Contraindicated in hypercalcemia, acidosis, severe renal impairment, atrial fibrillation, hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Calcenon is not recommended for use in animals simultaneously with digitalis, vitamin D and its analogues.


Store in dry, dark, out of children’s reach at the temperature from 5°С till 25°С.

Shelf life – 2 years from the date of manufacture.

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Active substances

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Dosage form

injection, Liquid, solution

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