aFan Pro – aquarium cooling fan up to 100L

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aFan Pro – Aquarium Cooling Fan

✔ Size: 105x70x25 mm.

Color: Black

Quality: Collar

Model: aFan

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AFan Pro fan for cooling an aquarium up to

100L with an integrated temperature sensor.

AFan Pro fan – for aquarium cooling up to 100L

The aFAN PRO cooling fan is designed for cooling marine and freshwater aquariums with a volume of up to 100 l, as well as for organizing air circulation in any type of terrarium. The fan is equipped with a thermostat and a temperature sensor for setting automatic operation. Power Consumption 1.9 W

The controller on the case allows you to set the temperature of the automatic on/off a fan in the range from 20 ° C to 30 ° C.

  • The compact solution for cooling your aquarium in hot weather
  • Different applications: water cooling in aquariums, ventilation of terrariums, places of installation of “sumps” in marine aquarium
  • Corrosion-resistant due to placement outside aggressive environments
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • The setting range is from 20 ° C to 30 ° C.

aFAN PRO creates a constant laminar flow of air without erratic rapid changes in speed and pressure. The air flow forms ripples on the surface and increases the area of ​​contact of water with air, effectively cooling the water.
In an aquarium, the best results are achieved when the fan is installed upstream of the filter.

The aFAN PRO fan has three operating modes:

  1. Position “0” – off
  2. Position “1” – continuous rotation of the fan
  3. Position “2” – control the rotation of the fan using the built-in thermostat and an external temperature sensor.Table for reducing the temperature of the aquarium water (in degrees) *
    Capacity, L Position 1  ∆ t◦C Position 2  ∆ t◦C
    10 3 4
    20 3 4
    30 2 3
    60 2 3
    100 1 2

* the table shows approximate values ​​of temperature reduction

aFAN PRO fan is powered by a safe 5V voltage from a USB port or a 100-240V power adapter (included with the fan).

Dimensions: 105x70x25 mm.

aFAN PRO is mounted on the outside of the aquarium, which prevents its premature failure from increased humidity and corrosion. This is especially true when aFAN is used in marine aquariums.

In addition to the standard switch, the aFAN PRO fan can be controlled using an external AquaLighter Device light and temperature controller, which will provide greater control over the device: turning it on and off depending on the set water temperature, smoothly increasing/decreasing the speed of the fan motor.

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