GimCat Malt Soft Paste Extra For Cats Anti Hairball Complex(Remedy)


GimCat Malt Soft Paste Extra For Cats

Size: 20-200g

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GimCat Malt Soft Paste Extra For Cats Anti Hairball Complex(Remedy)

Cats spend a lot their day maintaining their fur. The constant licking leads to the swallowing of hairs, which form into hairballs of varying sizes in the stomach. Long-haired and elderly cats are particularly at risk. But there is a solution for cats with a hairball problem: GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste. This special paste prevents the formation of hairballs. GimCat Malt-Soft Extra Paste contains natural, aromatic malt, as well as oils and fibres. These help with the natural passage of hairs through the intestines. Regular feeding of GimCat Malt-Soft will provide your cat with a safe, proven method of reducing the formation of hairballs. No added sugar has been used in the production of this high-quality German product.
Top Benefits
Premium supplementary food for adult cats, Suitable for daily feeding.
With anti-hairball complex: with the double effect of supporting natural removal of swallowed hairs from the system and the reduction of new hairballs forming
With natural malt, high-quality oils, and fibre: can relieve digestive discomfort caused by hairballs
With beta glucan: can help avoid inflammation in the digestive tract
No added sugar, No artificial flavors and colors, No preservatives, Lactose free
For vitality and well being
Feeding recommendation:
Serve 6cm (1cm = approx. 0.5g) straight from the tube or onto the main feed daily. Serve at room temperature and store somewhere cool.
Vegetable by-products (malt extracts 43.7%, cellulose 4%), oils and fats (31%), yeast (contains 1% beta-glucan). Analytical Components: Protein 5.5 %, Fat 38.5 %, Fibre 2.5 %, Ash 5.0 %, Moisture 12.0 %
Improving digestion
For cats
A type
Composition / Ingredients
Analytical components:
Protein: 2%
Fat content: 39%
Net ash: 5%
Crude fiber: 3%
Humidity: 11%
Ingredients: vegetable by-products (malt extracts 43%, cellulose 4%), oils and fats, yeast
Give 5 cm daily (1 cm = 0.5 g)

✔ Please note there is in stock  ➫ Panacur C Canine and Fenbendazole 500mg (Helmintazole/ Panacur 500)

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