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Helmintazole 500 Pro Fenbendazole for Dogs and Cats (72 capsules)


Helmintazole 500 Pro (Fenbendazole pure)

Size: 72 capsules

Active ingredient: Fenbendazole 500mg/ one capsule

✔ Contains: Fenbendazole 500mg in one capsule

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Helmintazole 500 Fenbendazole for Dogs

Helmintazole 500 Pro (펜 벤다 졸 500) 

 72 capsules 

Capsules do not contain any additional impurities, only extremely pure fenbendazole (500mg)!

Anthelmintics Fenbendazole

 is used to treat: dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, carnivores, fur animals, chickens, geese, pigeons. Fenbendazole is an effective treatment for eliminating a variety of parasites in your dog’s/cat’s system. Fenbendazole eliminates intestinal parasites including roundworms (Toxocara Canis, Toxascaris leonina), hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala), some tapeworms (Taenia pisiformis), whipworms (Trichuris vulpis) and giardia.

One capsule contains 500 mg of active substance fenbendazole

At recommended doses, Helmintazole 500 Pro is active against adult and larval forms of migration in the animal’s body to provide optimal protection against worms.

Dogs and cats: Nematodosis and teniasis.

Nematodosis and tapeworms in dogs and cats of all ages. In pregnant dogs, to prevent infestation of puppies

Dosage Pets

Dogs and cats
0-15 lbs ½ capsules
16-26 lbs 1 capsule
27-39 lbs ½ capsule
40-52 lbs 2 capsules
53-63 lbs ½ capsules
64-75 lbs 3  capsules


Safety of use

Fenbendazole is completely excreted after 48 hours. Because of this and because of the resistance of parasitic worms, fenbendazole should be prescribed for several days in a row, the duration of which is determined by the type of parasite that is being treated. Fenbendazole above all an impeccable reputation as a safe treatment for parasitic infestations. Fenbendazole powder is used as an active substance by brands such as Panacur ® 펜 벤다 졸 500 and Safe Guard ® and Fencur, Fendeworm and Helmintazole TM Homelab.

Fenbendazole (better known under the Panacur С Merck brand) is available over the counter.

Fenben is safe even if you accidentally exceed the dosage several times. Due to its limited duration in your dog’s body (48 hours) and because it attacks parasites rather than animal tissue, fenbendazole has very limited side effects and is very safe to use.

Pharmacological properties

Helminthazole 500 (Fenbendazole) in all age groups and at all physiological stages

The mechanism of action of fenbendazole is associated with impaired energy metabolism, destruction of microtubules of digestive cells and the manifestation of neurotoxic effect in helminths.

Helmintazole (Fenbendazole), as well as this, does Panacur treat tapeworms.

Composition per capsules:

One capsule contains 500 mg of active substance fenbendazole (펜 벤다 졸)


Type of animals, name of helminthiasis Single-dose
Animal body weight per 1 capsule
Helmintazole 500 Pro
A multiplicity of application, interval
Dogs, Cats
Ancylostomiasis, capillaries, taeniosum, trichocephalosis, toxocariasis 10-12 (22-26 lb) 3, in 12 hours
Dictyocaulus, Ascaridosis, Strongyloidosis, Strongyloidiasis 62 (136 lb) once
Trichuriasis 33 (72 lb) 2, every day
Dicrocoeliasis 25 (55 lb)  

5, every day


20 (44 lb)

3, every day
Paramphistomum 33 (72 lb) 5, every day
Sheep, Goats
Neoascarosis, Protostrongylidoses, Strongyloidiasis, Trichostrongyloidosis 100 (220 lb) once
Trichurosis 50 (110 lb) 2, every day
Dicrocoeliasis 50 (110 lb) once
Moniesiosis, Thysanieziosis 50 (110 lb) once
Larval cestodiasis: Echinococcosis, Coenurosis 12 (26 lb) 3, every day
Dicrocoeliasis 25 (55 lb)  

3, every day

Ascariasis, Metastrongylosis, Trichocephalosis, Trichocephaliasis (Trichuriasis) 50 (110 lb) 2, in 12 hours
Oesophagostomosis, Ollulanosis, Strongyloidiasis 125 (275 lb) 2, in 12 hours
Echinococcosis 25 (55 lb) 5, every day
Mixed infestation (prophylactically):
Piglets from 2 to 10 weeks of age 500 (1100 lb) 1 time each week
The young growth is fattening 125 (275 lb) 1 time each month
Parascarosis 33 (72 lb) once
Intestinal strongyloidiasis 50 (110 lb) once
Strongyloidiasis (foals) 62 (136 lb) 2, every day
Fur Animals
Mixed nematodes invasion 33 (72 lb) 2, every day
Mixed nematodes invasion 50 (110 lb) 3, every day
Chickens, Turkeys
Ascaridosis, Heterakidosis, Pulmonary Capillariasis 50 (110 lb)  

4-5, every day

Geese, Ducks
Amidostomosis, Echinuriosis, Pulmonary Capillariasis, Syngamosis, Streptocarosis, Tetramerosis 50 (110 lb) 4-5, every day
Fish of the Cyprinidae family
Bothriocephalosis 20 (44 lb)  

2, every day

✔ Please note there is in stock  ➫ Panacur C Canine and Albendahelm 500 (Albendazole 500mg)

Additional information

Active substances

Dosage form


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