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Taktic Amitraz – 25ml

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Taktic Amitraz 25 ml

Size: 25 ml.

Active ingredient: Amitraz 12.5%

✔ Prevention and treatment of varroa mites

Quality Good

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Taktic Amitraz – 25 ml.

Taktic Amitraz – 25 ml glass bottle.


Taktic is an acaricidal drug whose active ingredient is amitraz. It has a systemic and contact acaricidal view against Varroa ticks. Tactics refer to compounds with moderate toxicity to warm-blooded animals. The drug does not adversely affect the life of the bee colonies.


Amitraz 12.5%

Application & Dosage

To prepare an emulsion for processing 50 bee colonies, you need to dilute 5 ml of Tactics with 100 ml of purified kerosene. The solution is prepared on the day of processing. One jar of 25 ml is enough for 500 doses, which can be processed with 250 bee families. Treatment of bees from varroatosis is carried out by spraying in the form of smoke, so it will be most effective to use it with the help of Varomor. To neutralize ticks, 1-2 clubs of smoke per bee family are enough.

Use with a syringe: the solution is drawn into a syringe and the bee families are treated by droplet watering the emulsion on bees in the interframe spaces.

To process beehives in the fall with a minimum number of broods and during the formation of a club of bees. The optimum temperature for processing is not lower than ° C.




Before mass processing the apiary, the Tactic drug must be checked for safety for bees and therapeutic effectiveness – first in 1 – 2 families, in 1 – 2 streets, followed by 24-hour monitoring of their condition. Apiary processing should be carried out with the participation or under the supervision of a veterinarian. An overdose of Tactic is dangerous for bees. Families with less than 4-5 streets should not be treated. Honey collected by processed families is used for food on a common basis.

Form of packaging

Glass bottle 25 ml.


Store in a dry, dark place at room temperature in an unopened package.

Expiration date – 2 years from the manufacturing date.

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Additional information

Active substances

Dosage form



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