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Prodex eye and ear drops – 10 ml (0.33fl. oz)

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Prodex eye and  ear drops for dogs and cats (Ciprodex analog)
Treatment of dogs, cats, small, exotic and decorative animals with acute and chronic inflammation of the eyes and ears that are the result of bacterial, chemical or traumatic effects - conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratitis, keratoconjunctivitis, iritis, iridocyclitis, ulcers and erosion of the cornea, eye diseases after injuries or ingress of foreign bodies or aggressive compounds in the after and preoperative periods, as well as otitis media, otorrhea, in particular, caused by the extraneous intervention.

Eye & Ear Treatments for Cats

Some cat owners prefer to measure the amount of portions almost with the help of home scales, and some are guided by the principle “the portion should be such that the cat eats it without a trace.” In principle, the latter option is more correct, the main thing is not to overfeed the animal. Therefore, just note for yourself how much your cat eats at a time and try to pour it just as much food. As a hint, you can conditionally divide the container with food into several times and try to observe the size of such portions.

If the cat does not leave its plate after eating and continues to look into your eyes – the animal is most likely not full, you will have to give it a Supplement and in the future review the amount of food that you pour the cat. And, here is a sign that the animal is full – will be its contented purring and ritual washing. All cats are clean, so they always wash after eating.

Do not forget that in addition to what the cat eats, it also drinks. Therefore, in a special bowl, it should always be clean and fresh water, which you will regularly change, without forgetting to wash the water bowl itself.