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Ear Cleaning Solution (60ml /2oz)

Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution
Discharges and deposits in the ear can provide important bodily protection for your cat or dog, helping to protect against bacteria and fungi, amongst other things. However, too much of these deposits can lead to ear infections, which are particularly unpleasant for your pet. This Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution can offer great relief for pets, particularly some dog breeds that are prone to ear infections. It can be used to regularly care for sensitive feline and canine ears. Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution is for both dogs and cats and can offer a solution for build-ups, deposits and secretions in the ear, thanks to its softening, moisturising properties. It combines propyplene glycol with calendula to have a gentle ear-cleaning effect. Calendula is particularly well-known for its healing, antiseptic and softening properties. Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution helps to moisten the upper layer of the skin, softening and improving future resilience. Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution is suitable for regular cleaning, once or twice per week, or for helping to treat Otitis externa, also known as “swimmer’s ear”.

Eye & Ear Treatments.

Regularly monitor the condition of your pet’s ears, thus you reduce the likelihood of infectious ear diseases, prevent excess plaque and dirt, and detect diseases at an early stage of development. If you suspect that your cat already has any ear disease, visit your veterinarian immediately. Regular inspection and prevention reduces the risk of chronic diseases, hearing loss, and prevents unpleasant sensations and discomfort that the cat may feel. Smell from the ears, constant scratching, redness, swelling may indicate the presence of infection or damage to the ears.

For regular preventive cleaning, it is necessary to choose the most suitable means for cats. Do not use vinegar containing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Such substances can cause pain or irritation to the delicate skin of the ears. There are several types of means for cleaning the ears of cats. There are products that perfectly clean plaque and dirt, while others clean the ear canals. There are combined means. In any case, it is better to consult a veterinarian for the optimal choice of funds. Many cats have hair growing in their ears. Excess hair, dirty or matted hairs should be carefully removed from the ears. Dirty, matted, constantly wet hair reduces air access to the ear canals, and also contributes to ear irritation and the development of pathogenic bacteria. It is necessary to clean cat ears very carefully and carefully, as they are very sensitive. Excessive cleaning can cause damage to the ear tissue.

The eyes are cleaned by wiping them towards the nose with a cotton swab moistened with liquid or a soft handkerchief. The fibers of paper napkins irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes.

One of the important points that should be taken into account when a puppy appears in the house is teaching the pet to walk and to correct needs at a certain time and in a certain place.

We offer the optimal solution to “wet problems” – absorbent hygienic diapers for dogs and puppies, which will help to preserve the floor covering, be it carpet, parquet, or linoleum. This product is excellent at absorbing moisture and odors.

Hygiene products and diapers for dogs can be used not only for puppies but also for adult dogs of large or small breeds. If for some reason it is not planned to walk the pet, there are special toilets for dogs. This is a tray in which the diaper is placed, and the sides prevent liquid from spilling onto the floor and keep the pet’s paws dry.