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Solution for chickens, broiler chickens… 10% (1000ml/33.8 fl. oz)

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Baytril 10% Bayer ORAL Solution (Enrofloxacin)
Baytril, which is a derivative of quinolone carboxylic acid, is an anti-infective chemotherapeutic medicine with specially high bactericidial effect. Enrofloxacin, inhibits the bacterial gyrase enzyme which has an improtant role in DNA replication. The inhibition of this enzyme, blocks certain stages of bacterial synthesis, causing functional disorders leading to death of the bacteria. This gives Baytril a different mode of action in comparison with other antibiotics. Enrofloxacin has a broad-spectrum anti-bacterial efficacy, including Mycoplasmas, gram negative and gram positive bacteria as well as anaerobic patogenic bacteria.