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Vetexpert Arthr vet for dogs and cats (60 – 90 Caps)

Supplement ArthroVet by VETEXPERT intends for animals of any age who need support or treatment of the supporting apparatus.
This can be a period of intensive growth of young animals, preparation of animals for the upcoming planned loads, treatment of already existing diseases, or prevention during the period of remission. The perfectly thought-out composition of ArthroVet very competently solves the problems of weak points of the locomotor system of animals.

Canina PETVITAL Arthr for dogs and cats (60 -1000 Tab)

Canina Petvital Arthro-Tabletten
is a unique herbal supplement using cypress milkweed (Euphorbia typorissias), comfrey (Symphytum), and willow (Salix) to strengthen the ligamentous apparatus, stimulate bone tissue growth and eliminate inflammation in the joints and ligaments.