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Microchip with The Bayer Tracer Applicator

Microchip with Tracer applicator, animal identification system

Microchip with The Bayer Tracer Applicator (Animal Identification System)
Bayer Tracer® is an electronic animal identification system. Instantiation of animals by branding is a thing of the past: over time, the stigma is distorted, and if necessary, they can be forged. Offers a new method of identification - a subcutaneous introduction of a chip with an individual identification number that stays with the animal for the rest of its life. According to the EU directive, from 03.07.2004 pets traveling across EU borders must be identified with a distinct mark or microchip, and since 2010 the tattoo should not be used to identify pets. The microchip must meet iso 11784 or ISO 11785 standards. Microp is a capsule of a once-measured rice grain made of biocompatible glass, thanks to which the chip does not migrate under the skin of the animal. Each microchip contains a personal 15-digit digital code. The microchip code meets ISO 11784. The disposable implant applicator comes with a microchip. Implantation of the capsule with a microchip is an easy, quick, and painless procedure.