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Bayvarol Bayer

Varroa Mite Treatment honey bee mite treatment (40 strips)


Bayvarol Strips by Bayer

Dangerous parasites such as varroa mites can weaken bee colonies significantly causing honey production to plunge.  Bayer has developed Bayvarol, offering dual purpose protection against mite infestation.   First, a quick and easy test indicates the level of infection.  Then, treatment ensures that bees get effective protection against varroa mites without unnecessary impact on their natural honey production.
  • Easy diagnosis and effective control of Varroa mites.
  • The active ingredient is highly effective against mites but harmless to bees (one strip contains only 3.6mg of the active ingredient).
  • The bees themselves rapidly distribute the active ingredient by physical contact.
  • Convenient handling; single treatment is sufficient.
  • Long-lasting effect ensures that even the mites hatching from the sealed brood after the start of the treatment are destroyed.
  • Reinfesting mites are killed for the treatment duration of 8 weeks.