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Solution for cattle – 1L

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Solution for cattle Eprizero by Bayer ( Eprinex analog)
Treatment and prevention of cattle in cases of parasitic lesions: alimentary canal nematodes (adults and stage 4 larvae): Ostertagia spp., Cooperia spp., Haemonchus placei, tdrichostrongylus spp., Bunostomum phlebotomum, Nematodirus helvetianomus, Oesoph. (adults), Trichuris spp. (adults); lung nematodes (adults and stage 4 larvae): Dictyocaulus viviparus; larvae of subcutaneous gadfly: Hypoderma bovis, H. lineatum; ticks: Chorioptes bovis, Sarcoptes scabiei var. bovis; lice: Damalinia bovis, Linognatdus vituli, Haematopinus eurysternus, Solenopotes capillatus; flies: Haematobia irritans.

Solution for cows, pigs, horses – inj (100ml/3.38 fl. oz)

Loxicom inj* Solution by Bayer injection (Meloxicam)
Meloxicam 20 mg/ml
  • Long-acting - 4 times longer than ketoprofen.
  • Higher efficiency against the background of lower frequency of application.
  • Positive impact on performance and reproducibility.

Solution for cows Multi (mastitis treatment) – 10 pcs

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Multibuy Suspension for Cows by Bayer - 10 pcs
(procaine penicillin, streptomycin sulfate, neomycin sulfate, prednisolone) Multibuy is prescribed for the treatment of cows with mastitis of bacterial etiology during lactation. Before use, Multibuy milk (secret) is removed and disposed of from the diseased quarters of the udder, the nipple is treated with a disinfectant solution, then the cannula of the syringe dispenser is introduced into the nipple canal and the contents are carefully squeezed out. After this, the cannula is removed, the top of the nipple is pressed with your fingers, and lightly massage the nipple from the bottom up for 30 sec. for a better distribution of the drug. The introduction of the drug into the affected quarters of the udder is carried out in a dose of 5 g (the contents of 1 syringe in each affected quarter) three times with an interval of 24 hours.

Solution for cows. Mastitis test

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California mastitis test by Bayer

California Mastitis Test (CMT) is used to quickly assess the number of somatic cells in milk. KMT can also be used to check somatic cells in milk after treatment of mastitis.

Purple watery liquid .


Sorbic acid salt; sodium alkano sulfate; bromocresol violet sodium salt; water

Solution for cows (mastitis treatment) – 10 pcs

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Bayoclox Bayer (Dariclox analog) (Cloxacillin)

Bayoclox DC is an antibacterial drug containing 11.11% cloxacillin (in the form of a salt of benzathic acid) as an active ingredient, as well as form-forming components (aluminum stearate and liquid paraffin).

In appearance, the drug is a homogeneous suspension of a grayish-white color.

Bayoclox DC is released in the form of a sterile suspension, packaged in 4.5 g in plastic injectors.

Each injector contains 500 mg of cloxacillin.