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Piperahelm 450 Pro Powder Piperazine Citrate Dewormer (50g)

$17.99 $16.19
Piperahelm 450 Pro (Piperazine Citrate)
Dewormer for dogs, cats, cattle, pigs, horses, camels, fur-bearing animals, chickens, geese, rabbits. Piperazine citrate for tapeworms For the treatment and control of Neoaskaridoze, Parascariasis, Oxyurosis, Toxocarosis, Toxascaris, Ankylostomosis, Uncinariosis, Passalurosis, Ascariasis, Esophagostomiasis, Ascaridiasis, Ganguleteridiasis, Amidostomosis, Tetramerosis