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Ultrasonic (electronic) tick and flea repeller for pets.

Waudog Ultrasonic Cat, Dog, Pet Flea Tick Controller

$42.89 $36.99
Ultrasonic Cat, Dog, Pet Flea Tick Controller

Collar WauDog Tickless - The Tickless Ultrasonic Flea and Tick Repeller is a lightweight, compact device for protecting pets from ticks and fleas. It is absolutely non-toxic, does not emit any chemicals or odors, and is environmentally friendly. Long operating time from the built-in battery (up to 10-12 months!). The activity indicator will indicate the current state of the device. Made in a durable waterproof case. It has no contraindications for use. Especially suitable for animals weakened by illness or with which children play, for puppies and kittens, for old, pregnant and lactating dogs and cats

The principle of operation of the device is to generate ultrasonic vibrations (at frequencies that are safe for the hearing of animals and humans), which are incredibly loud noise for ticks and fleas of all varieties. Ultrasound blocks the sensory apparatus (Haller's organs) of parasites, scaring them away and forcing them to keep their distance