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CATOSAL 10% Vitamin B12 Genuine

CATOSAL 10%  VITAMIN B12 butaphosphan+cyanocobalamin
Cathode is a complex drug used in the treatment and prevention of diseases in animals. The drug can be used both for domestic animals and for cattle and other farm animals. Having as a basis vitamin 12, catosal has a tonic effect, a positive effect on metabolism, increases immunity and resistance to diseases. In agriculture, it is used to accelerate the growth and development of the animal.  

Solution 5% for Cattle,Goats, Pig (250ml / 8.45oz)

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Baycox 5% (Piglet) Solution ORAL (toltrazuril)
Toltrazuril, which is part of the drug, has a wide spectrum of anti-coccidal action, is effective against Isospora suis, Eimeria arloingi, Eimeria scabra, Eimeria guevarai, Eimeria bovis, Eimeria zuernii, Eimeria alabamensis and other types of coccidia that parasitize pigs and cattle at the stages of their intracellular development. By blocking respiratory enzymes, toltrazuril has a damaging effect on the mitochondria and the processes of nuclear division of coccidia, disrupting the formation of macrogammetocytes. After oral administration of Baicox, 5% toltrazuril is slowly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and has a coccidivating effect on the mucous membrane and submucosal layer. It is partially metabolized in the body by sulfoxidation and hydroxylation to form sulfide and sulfone derivatives. Toltrazuril is excreted from the body mainly in unchanged form (70%), but also as metabolites in the feces and partially in the urine.

AMOK-CAPS for broiler chickens, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats – 25 capsules

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AMOK-CAPS (amoxicillin trihydrate - 200 mg, potassium clavulanate - 50 mg)
Amoxicillin trihydrate - semi-synthetic penicillin, belongs to beta-lactam antibiotics, inhibits the synthesis of bacterial cell walls by inhibiting transpeptidase and carboxypeptidase, which causes a violation of osmotic pressure and the death of microorganisms in the developmental stage. Potassium clavulanate is a beta-lactam structurally related to penicillins, has little antibacterial activity, but, irreversibly inhibiting a number of beta-lactamases, prevents inactivation of amoxicillin and provides its antibiotic activity against bacteria, usually resistant to other amoxicillin-resistant amoxicillin.

Solution for chickens, broiler chickens… 10% (1000ml/33.8 fl. oz)

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Baytril 10% Bayer ORAL Solution (Enrofloxacin)
Baytril, which is a derivative of quinolone carboxylic acid, is an anti-infective chemotherapeutic medicine with specially high bactericidial effect. Enrofloxacin, inhibits the bacterial gyrase enzyme which has an improtant role in DNA replication. The inhibition of this enzyme, blocks certain stages of bacterial synthesis, causing functional disorders leading to death of the bacteria. This gives Baytril a different mode of action in comparison with other antibiotics. Enrofloxacin has a broad-spectrum anti-bacterial efficacy, including Mycoplasmas, gram negative and gram positive bacteria as well as anaerobic patogenic bacteria.

Solution for Cattle, Dog, Cat, Pig 5% (100ml/3.38 fl. oz)

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Baytril 5% Bayer (Enrofloxacin) inj* Solution
  • Fast acting antibiotic reaches therapeutic levels in lungs at the site of infection in 1 to 2 hours.
  • Injects easily even in cold weather when other products thicken.
  • Produces no significant injection site reactions.
  • Baytril is bactericidal meaning it kills major BRD causing bacteria. It can be given as a single dose or a multiple day therapy, making it more versatile to your operation.

Tiloxon powder For cattle, poultry, pigs (10g)

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Doxycycline hydrochloride, tylosin tartrate, vitamins
For the treatment of mixed infections in young cattle, pigs and poultry, such as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, genitourinary system, skin, mastitis, metritis, agalactia. The drug improves the growth and development of a young organism, reduces the likelihood of stress. The drug is administered orally in a mixture with water or feed in the following doses: poultry – at the rate of 1-1.5 g of preparation per 1 liter of drinking water; young cattle – 1-1.5 g per 10 kg of body weight pigs – 1-2 g per 10 kg of body weight. For treatment, the drug is given twice a day for 3-5 days until the recovery or improvement of the general condition. With the preventive purpose – once a day for 3-5 days.

Solution for poultry, chickens… 10% – 1000ml (33.8 fl. oz)

Noroflox 10% ORAL Solution - Baytril analog (Enrofloxacin)
  • Mycoplasmosis (M. gallisepticum inf., M. synoviae inf., M. iowae inf., M. meleagridis inf.), CRD Complex (M. gallisepticum inf. accompanied with E. coli)
  • Colibasillosis (Coligranuloma, Peritonitis, Saiphingitis, Synovitis, Omphalitis, Air Sacculitis)
  • Salmonellosis and Paratyphoid infections,
  • Infectious coryza
  • Pasteurellosis (Fowl Cholera), Pseudotuberculosis, P. anatipestifer Infections, Staphylococcosis (Synovitis, Arthritis, Septicemia, Spondylitis, Omphalitis, Bacterial Endocarditis, wound Infections)
  • Clostridial infections (Gangrenous Dermatitis, Necrotic Enteritis, Ulcerative Enteritis)
  • Erysipelas infections of turkeys
  • Mixed bacterial infections
  • Secondary infections occuring during or after viral diseases.

Gel is an oral sedative for horses (10ml /0.33oz)

Sedalin Gel (Dormosedan analog)
Sedalin Gel is an oral sedative for horses. It is supplied in 10ml syringes of oral gel. Sedalin Gel is a soothing gel in an oral syringe. 10ml syringe contains 350mg of acepromazine Used for dogs and horses in cases where injection sedation is not suitable or not indicated. It is used for cutting, treatment and brushing, forging, transportation, dressing, medical manipulations, etc.

Solution for Chicken,Duck,Turkey,Birds 2.5%

Baycox 2.5% Solution ORAL (toltrazuril)
Toltrazuril 2.5% has a pronounced anticoccidial effect. The active component is effective against the simplest microorganisms,all kinds of coccidia,which parasitize in the bodyof Chickens, Geese, Turkeys, Chicken Broilers, Other poultry, Rabbits. Toltrazuril, slowly absorbing into the mucous membranes of chickens,other poultry species destroy bacteria at all stages of their development,including strains that are insensitive to the action of other anti-coccidia drugs. The active ingredient of the drug blocks the respiratory components of clostridium,disrupts the formation of macrohammetocytes,which leads to immediate death of parasitic flora. After oral administration, the drug has an immediate effect. Well tolerated by the body of chickens, chickens, turkeys, rabbits. Medicine Baikoks for birds does not reduce the natural resistance of the body,does not reduce the immunity of chickens, geese to the agents of coccidosis.

Profiverm Ivermectin 1% + Vitamin E (100ml) *inj

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Profiverm (Ivermectin) 1% + Vitamin E

Ivermectin has a pronounced antiparasitic effect on the larval and sexually mature stages of the nematodes of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs, larvae of subcutaneous, nasopharyngeal, gastric gadfly, lice, bloodsuckers, and sarcoptoid mites. The drug enhances the production of a neurotransmitter inhibition - gamma-aminobutyric acid, which leads to impaired transmission of nerve impulses, paralysis, and death of the parasite.

Due to the micellar dosage form of ivermectin and the addition of vitamin E, the drug is rapidly absorbed from the injection site, distributed in the organs and tissues of the animal, providing a parasiticidal effect for 10 to 14 days. In recommended doses, it does not have a sensitizing, embryotoxic, teratogenic and mutagenic effect. It is excreted mainly with urine and bile, in lactating animals with milk. In the external environment, the drug is rapidly destroyed. Toxic to fish and bees.


Vitatonic for poultry – 100 ml

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Vitatonic solution for  poultry
The medicine is used to poultry for treatment  anorexia,  anemia,  vitamin  deficiency  and amino acids, sress coping, reducing meat and egg productivity. DOSAGE Orally with drinking-water at a dose: reproductive poultry– 2 ml per 1 l of drinking water during 5-7 days; young birds, broilers, layers– 1 ml per 1 l of drinking water during 5-7 days.  

Glucose 40 (200ml) *inj

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Glucose 40% injectable
It is indicated for the treatment of diseases associated with disorders of the central nervous system (inhibition and excitation), violation of the autonomic nervous system, severe acute infectious diseases, various forms of cardiovascular disease, the fall of blood pressure, significant blood loss. Glucose solutions are indicated in case of poisoning, intoxication by narcotic drugs, mercury, arsenic, strychnine, sodium nitrite, and other substances; pulmonary edema, liver diseases (hepatitis and cirrhosis), lack of diuresis; acetonemia, postpartum hemoglobinuria in cows, ketonuria and toxemia of dairy cows, sheep ketonuria; weak uterine contractility, maternity paresis; as a hemostatic agent while gastrointestinal, lung and other internal bleeding, hemorrhagic diathesis. Some drugs to reduce toxicity or extension of their validity are dissolved in solutions of glucose.

Vitamins & Supplements.

Vitamin A plays a key role in maintaining healthy eyes, skin, and mucous membranes in the respiratory, digestive, and reproductive tracts. It is also important for the proper functioning of the kidneys and the normal development of bones, teeth, and nervous tissue. Vitamin A comes from carotene, which is found in green and yellow plants.

Vitamin D is crucial for bone and digestive health. The animal body is endowed with a natural mechanism for the formation of vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

Green leafy foods and whole grains are sources of vitamin E.

“While the animal’s need for vitamin E is critical, the specific physiological function of vitamin E is still unclear,” says Eric Bailey, a cattle feeding specialist at the University of Missouri.  “Its main role may be as a chemical antioxidant to reduce the breakdown of other vitamins and essential fatty acids both in the digestive tract and after they are absorbed.”

In fact, vitamin E has been shown to be effective in treating white muscle disease in calves.

Fortunately, possible problems associated with a lack of one or more of these three vitamins do not occur as often as you might think.

The key to a good mood of cats is a proper and balanced diet, in the diet of which you need to include vitamin supplements. In this category of products, we offer vitamins for cats and kittens, which are very important in the life of a pet. They perform both a General strengthening function and prevent the development of various diseases. In addition, they help the animal recover from illness, support the body’s protection from parasites and other adverse environmental influences.

You can buy vitamins for cats that will meet the needs of your animal. If there are problems with the coat, we offer vitamins for the skin and wool, they contain the necessary complex of elements that help maintain the natural beauty of the coat and prevent skin diseases. Also use vitamins to remove wool, they can help prevent digestive problems. Cats that lead an active lifestyle periodically recommend giving vitamins to strengthen bones and joints. During pregnancy and lactation, vitamins are also important for the normal development of kittens. This is an additional feeding of the body with useful substances that it needs. Choose your own vitamins for cats, it is not desirable, it is better to consult a specialist.

The word “vitamin” comes from the Latin vita – life. Thiamine (vitamin B1) was discovered first. As a result, other substances, combined on the basis of absolute necessity as an integral part of food, were called vitamins.

Vitamins are divided into two groups: fat-soluble and water-soluble. When consumed in excess, fat-soluble vitamins accumulate in the body and can become toxic, while excess water-soluble vitamins are simply excreted in the urine.

Vitamins enter the body as part of food, and can also be added to dog food in the form of special additives. During the preparation and subsequent storage of feed, it should be borne in mind that vitamins are easily destroyed under the influence of light, heat and oxygen.

Vitamins are essential for normal metabolism and provide everything a dog’s organs need to function properly, including bones and teeth. Proper nutrition and care of your dog’s teeth helps keep them healthy and strong throughout its life.