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Otic Cleansing Solution For Dogs & Cats ear drops – 100 ml (3.33fl. oz)

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Auricap – ear drops for dogs and cats otitis treatment

Size: 100ml (3.33fl. oz)

Active ingredient:  Propylene Glycol 40 g; Tinctura Calendulae – 11.42ml, Basil Oil – 0.028 g

✔ Treatment of dogs, cats, small, exotic and decorative animals with acute and chronic otitis of the ears

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Otic Cleansing Solution Auricap – ear drops for dogs and cats

Auricap contains:

 Propylene Glycol

  • eliminating ear-wax/mud

  • reducing the pathogenic microorganisms’ (bacteria, fungi) number

  • contributing the oil molecules’ movement through the cutaneous pores

Tinctura Calendulae

  • a great anti-inflammatory effect

  • increasing both skin hydration and cutaneous flexibility

  • accelerating skin reparative processes

Basil Oil

  • relieving irritation and tissue soreness

  • an antimicrobial action

  • contributing to the overall tonic effect and blood supply normalization

Auricap – clinical investigation’ conclusions


  • Removing ear-wax/mud

  • Decreasing the pathogenic microorganisms’ total number in the external auditory canal by almost 3 times.

  • Reducing a peculiar disagreeable odour 10 minutes after application

  • The animal can get rid of both solution and earwax residue all alone


  • No local irritation and hypersensitive reaction

Auricap reduces the risk of otitis emergence when both properly and regularly used!


The following active ingredients are contained in 100 ml of the preparation:

  • Propylene Glycol – 40 g
  • Tinctura Calendulae – 11.42 ml
  • Basil Oil – 0.028 g

Adjuvants: Cremophore EL, purified water.

Pharmacological properties

The drug-induced effect is conditioned by the preparation active ingredients’ action.

Propylene Glycol eliminates both ear-wax and dirt conducing an external ear canal effective care.

The Tinctura Calendulae pharmacological properties are conditioned by the biologically active substances’ presence: carotenoids, flavonoids and saponins. They give an impetus to reparative processes, normalizing the skin structure, increasing its resistance, hydration, cutaneous flexibility, and also having an anti-inflammatory effect.

Basil essential oil both softens and tones the ear canal mucous membrane, conducing to the overall tonic effect and blood supply normalization.


The preparation is applied as an antiseptic preparation for cleaning both dogs’ and cats’ ear canals with an excessive ear-wax allocation and dirt. This promotes effective care, as well as the ears’ inflammatory processes’ prevention.


The ear canal should be entirely filled out with Auricap, using a syringe with a nozzle. The required solution amount is determined for each animal individually. It is recommended to inject 1-3 ml into each ear for cats and small-sized dogs, 3-5 ml for medium-sized dogs and 5-10 ml for large-sized animals. Afterwards give a massage from the base of the ear to its upper part so that the solution is evenly distributed. Meanwhile, the solution displaces dirt, flushing it to the ear surface. The massage intensity depends on the animal sensivity threshold. The solution should be extracted from the ear canal using a cotton swab. The animal can get rid of both solution and earwax residue all alone, shaking its head. The procedure is needed to be repeated as the need arises. If there is still dirt on the outer surface of the auricle after cleaning the ears according to the above instructions, you can use the spray nozzle as an additional tool. The applying frequency is determined individually. The Auricap usage is possible when treating the ears before each preparation insertion. The medication is used once every 7-10 days for animal ears’ hygienic care.

Medical contra-indication

There are no contraindications for the preparation application.

Pharmaceutical form

100 ml plastic bottle in a cardboard box including a spray nozzle.

In conclusion:

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